The Caregivers Roadmap - Saving you time, money and your sanity.
The Caregiver's Roadmap
Saving you time, money and your sanity
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The Caregiver's Roadmap

Pat Carpenter

About the Author

Pat Carpenter wrote The Caregiver's Roadmap about one couple's journey through the valley of the shadow and into new life. This is what they learned about planning, about each other, and about the grace of God. Click here to learn more!
The Caregiver's Roadmap The Caregiver's Roadmap The Caregiver's Roadmap
The Caregiver's Roadmap The Caregivers Roadmap


Loving another person is the great adventure of life. Sharing this experience can make the highs richer and the lows easier to bear. Dealing with serious illness is one test you both want to pass.

If you are responsible for a loved one's care, this website is for you. You'll find planning tools, coping tips and money-saving ideas.

So How to Begin?

In a perfect world, you complete all your planning on a sunny afternoon. You and your spouse have written your Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney and Advance Directive. You have distributed appropriate copies to your doctor, your lawyer, your executor, family members and emergency contact. You review the documents once a year (your anniversary is a good memory-jogger) and update as changes occur.

For most people, planning gets pushed back by the daily press of obligations. To help you get started, click here on The Basics for the first of four checklists to help you get started.

The most important part of coping is taking care of yourself. You make better decisions and have more energy when you are getting sufficient sleep and nutrition. This isn't selfish, it's practical. And this is the time to draw from your friendship bank. All the deposits you've made for years come back with interest when you finally ask for help.

You can save a surprising amount of money by asking questions. Ask the hospital's Patient Advocate which discounted suppliers to use. Ask the insurance carrier which vendors will rent equipment instead of requiring you to buy. Ask your doctor if there are any applicable clinical trials for this condition. Ask the pharmacist which prescriptions have generic equivalents, if that is a treatment option. This is just the beginning.

The Caregiver's Roadmap
The Caregiver's Roadmap The Caregiver's Roadmap The Caregiver's Roadmap