The Caregivers Roadmap - Saving you time, money and your sanity.
The Caregiver's Roadmap
Saving you time, money and your sanity
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The Caregiver's Roadmap
The Caregiver's Roadmap The Caregiver's Roadmap The Caregiver's Roadmap
The Caregiver's Roadmap


"This small book is like having a compassionate, wise and knowledgeable friend who has "been there" to walk with us through the dark valley times of life. Pat shares some of the spiritual, very practical and financial wisdom she has learned on her journey and generously shares it with us!"

Denise Edwards
ELCA Lutheran pastor

"The book contains life planning ideas to make life more meaningful for both you and your loved ones. Offering practical suggestions and inspirational guidance, it is a must read for all caregivers and potential caregivers!"

Jacintha Balch, Esq.

"Moving through each page, this journey will relate to us all in some way and stir emotions that may have been suppressed or denied. Even grown men cry.

This is a must read for everyone. At some point we will all be either a caregiver, relative, friend or patient.

I have been blessed and sometimes cursed by the fact that I am a caregiver by nature. Now I am a patient by circumstance. The path we choose is unknown, but knowing that there is a Supreme Being to whom we can turn without fear of rejection makes each uphill climb all that much easier.

As a Human Resources professional, it was always difficult and frustrating for me to be restrained by law and corporate structure not to extend myself when someone is crying for help. However, no manager or director ever gets the education that prepares us for that call saying “I need to take FMLA because…” or the inevitable call that says someone has passed. We extend our sympathy and mail eligibility or benefit forms. It would be wonderful to have this type of information available to us as well to be able to include it with those dreaded forms. We always assume there is family support but we will never ask, especially if we are not caregivers by nature.

I want to thank the author for her bravery in putting it all out there for the benefit of others who may be facing the same journey. May God Bless each and every one of us on our journey."

Jerry Oreste
Corporate Human Resources Director

"Pat did an outstanding job relaying critical information in a soft, compassionate way during her presentation to the Going It Alone With Moxie group held at Vineyard Columbus. Attendees moved from unconscious unawareness to conscious awareness of potential consequences when key details are not addressed. Pat’s energetic, personal stories of her own path are enough to motivate even the most intimidated to take action now."

Founder of "Going It Alone With Moxie" study group at Vineyard Columbus

"When I sat down tonight after our Home Church bible study I had the intention of skimming through your book. It wasn't long before I picked up a highlighter; however, and started marking notable phrases, wisdom and ideas. Your experiences and insights are relayed with both humility and practical tips that anyone can apply to their personal situation. Your prayers will give courage to the caregiver and the scriptures you selected impart the Lord's restorative power.

Thank you for sharing your thoughtful perspective blended with God's timeless truth, gently seasoned with an occasional bit of wit that actually had me chuckling to myself...The Caregivers Roadmap will be a comfort and friendly companion to many who are facing the possibility of losing their loved one."

Sandra Heusinkveld
Financial Planning Perspectives

". . .incredibly well done. Of course it was very moving. Most importantly, the message was beautiful. You know like yourself I am very much a believer in the power of prayer. Regardless of one's religious preference, the bottom line is that prayer is very powerful. It does get us through life's challenges and makes us even more grateful for the blessings.

I just wanted you to know that this "little book" is very powerful, meaningful and most informative. "

Marlene W.

"I wanted to send you a note about your CE class I attended during the NAIFA CE day. The information you provided was extremely useful and worthwhile. Every advisor and consumer needs to know this information."

Jonathan Berniger
Financial Advocate
The Caregiver's Roadmap
The Caregiver's Roadmap The Caregiver's Roadmap The Caregiver's Roadmap